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We are currently living in an era of self-care; wellness of the mind and body is a privilege that many of us take for granted. Because of this, we can get sucked into buying self-care products that can ultimately cause detrimental effects to our overall wellness.​ We forget that the ultimate gift of wellness can often be found in nature itself, Mother Earth. 

The Japanese have a word for nature, SHIZEN (自然). It is a common noun that means "nature" as in human nature. However, the word has a deeper meaning than human nature. The Japanese believe that as humans surrounded by nature itself, we must intertwine ourselves with nature and work with it, rather than against it. 

As someone who loves self-care especially skincare, I believe in educating and creating products handcrafted by nature. From our products, to their packaging, we strive to be eco-friendly; our products are packaged with as little use of plastic as possible. Here at Shizen, I promise to create the best organic, vegan, and naturally crafted skincare line that can bring wellness in your mind and body. 

Joy Cucueco - Rees


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