This cleansing powders are concentrated versions of liquid cleansers that form a paste or foam when activated with water. Most contain naturally derived ingredients like rice bran, oats and willow bark to give the product gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating properties, making this product perfect for those with sensitive skin and prone to acne.


TSA-friendly, making them ideal for travel, and that it dont  contain preservatives than liquid products since there's no water in the formula.

Oat + Coco facial cleanser

  • Honey Powder, Sodium Cococyl Isethione, Coconutmilkpowder, Brown ricepowder, ColloidalOatmeal, Kaolin Clay, DL Panathenol(Vit B5), Xanthan gum, White willow bark , Green tea extract, Sodium Phytate.

  • To get your perfect low-foaming lather, adjust the amount of water you add while rubbing your hands together with a coin-sized amount of powder. For a deep exfoliation, you’ll just need a splash of liquid. Use more water if you’re looking for a milder cleanse.