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Ethique Eco-Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner bars that have a small environmental impact and can last awhile - the equivalent of two bottles of shampoo — with no plastic waste. While at first glance they may seem pricey but you get triple the value in one bar. They’re also amazing for traveling since there’s no potential for a mess in your suitcase. waste plastic free solid Shampoo bar and Conditioner.


*Lavender Dandruff Control

Contains a wealth of Lavender oil , Lemon oil, junier and other plant extracts, soothes the scalp, cleans hair, helps to cleanse dandruff while laving hair silky, healthy and shiny. Suitable for neutral , neutral oily hair.


*Green Tea

Contains rich green tea, ginseng, roemary and other plant extracts, nourishing and moisturizing hair, replenishing hair moisture and nutrients, cleansing scalp, long term use make hair morerefreshing, supple, elastic. Suitable for neutral and dry hair.

Shampoo Bar and Conditioner set


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